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Yarn Ball Winder

The yarn ball winder comes in different models and styles. Yarn is used almost everywhere as a material that is used for weaving or knitting purposes.

The yarn ball winder is the device which is used in many of the textile manufacturing companies, but also more commonly purchased for home use.

The yarn ball winders are of many types and size, including the hand operated yarn ball winder. This is the type of winder which should be operated manually, by hand.


It is available in a size which is small enough and it will be handy to be shifted from one place to another. It need not be fixed at one particular place.

 yarn winders

wooden yarn ball winders 

yarn ball winders

wooden yarn ball winder 

The yarn winder, new wool winder is a newer style, which uses the new trend of winding. There are many more styles and designs available in the yarn winder.  

The yarn winders are intended to save the time of the people from winding balls of yarn unassisted, With the use of this device, some people can easily wind a ball of yarn in a minute or so. When you do this job by hand or by yourself, then it could be nearly 10 to 15 times longer.  

Normally, when you consider yarn ball winders, they can last up to one or two decades. Remember that will last for so long only if there is a proper care. The very important thing to be kept in mind while purchasing yarn ball winder is that, the inner mechanism gear will be made up of wood or plastic.


 yarn winder

wooden yarn winder 

yarn ball winder

wooden yarn winders 

So when you tend the machine to do all the work in a full stretch then it might stop working. So, good care should be taken while winding. 

The other thing is that if you feed it by hand then it will be quite easy. That is, pre-feeding by hand will be easy. The risk that you might get is that your hands may become warm as the yarn runs faster and faster. So, if you keep the steady and the slow pace then you can save both the hands and also the winder. 



There are numerous types of the yarn ball winder like the new wooden yarn winder, which has a wooden swift over it. It can wind easily.

Then there is the heavy duty yarn ball winder; this can be used in many manufacturing companies for looking higher intensity usage. The in-line yarn ball winder, jumbo yarn ball winder and many more varieties are available.

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